After a long flight to a new city, the last thing a small child wants is to board an airport shuttle and spend even more time travelling. However, sometimes, that's the only option, but luckily, there are lots of ways to keep your child content and distracted whilst on airport shuttles.

1. Try a Game of Travel Bingo

Travel bingo is a picture based game so all kids can play regardless of reading ability, and even kids as little as three can get into the game. Basically, you buy a few cards, and the cards feature all kinds of things you're likely to see whilst on an airport shuttle or whilst travelling in general. That includes anything from street signs to vehicles. As your kids see the objects in question, they mark it on their bingo cards, and the first person with a row of items wins the game.

2. Make Up an Airplane Spotting Game

If you like, you can make up your own games. In particular, consider making up an airplane spotting game. This works the best if you are taking the airport shuttle to the airport, rather than if you're taking the shuttle away from the airport. Simply assign points for the first person to spot a plane or for spotting other things such as the biggest plane, certain types of planes or other categories.

If your kids are competitive, play this game and declare the person with the most points the winner. If your kids prefer collaborative games, you may want to keep score as a family and try to beat your high score from your last holiday.

3. Choose a Direct Airport Shuttle

In addition to planning a few games or distractions for the airport shuttle, you should also choose your shuttle carefully. In many areas, there is more than one shuttle option, and you may want to do a bit of research to ensure you get the fastest, most direct service from the airport to your location. That can be essential when you're travelling with impatient children.

4. Run Off Energy at the Airport

As an adult, you likely want to get on the shuttle as fast as possible so that you can get to your destination right away, but to make the journey more tolerable to wee travellers, you may need to take things a bit more slowly. In particular, after you get off the plane, you may want to let your child expend some energy at the airport. Many airports now offer play areas just for children. Then, when your child has their wiggles out, you can go stand in line for the airport shuttle at that point.

Finally, if possible, always pre-book shuttle fares so you don't have to stand in a queue or waste time buying tickets.