If you are planning to take students for a school tour and you are considering renting a charter bus, ensuring safe, efficient and comfortable transport is key. Here are some key things you will need to think through in order to ensure your students have a delightful experience travelling in a charter bus.

  1. Charter bus amenities. Because charter buses are used for more than just basic travel, they come with many marvelous amenities designed to make time spent on board more comfortable and enjoyable. When choosing a charter bus for your school trip, you should consider what type of amenities matter the most. If you are going on a long-distance trip, you will want to look into things such as heavily-padded, reclining seating and on board entertainment like DVD players, flat-screen TVs, and satellite programming. You should, however, keep in mind that the extras will cost you more. The type of amenities offered vary from company to company. Therefore, you should ask about the kind of amenities that each charter bus rental company offers on its fleet. 
  2. Maintenance record on the vehicle. Charter bus rental companies often make sure that they take properly maintain and repair their fleet so that they are in good working condition by the time they are being rented out. But as a renter, you should never take any chances when it comes to your safety and that of the students you are taking for the tour. Once you have identified a bus you want to charter, ask to see documentation on the vehicle's maintenance history. This will help you know how regularly and recently the vehicle has been serviced and what sort of repairs have been performed on it. Choose a bus that's well-cared for.
  3. Safety record of driver. When you rent a charter bus, the vehicle that you choose comes with a driver trained and licensed to safely operate the bus and carry passengers. Since every bus has a driver assigned to it, asking to see the safety record of the driver that will operate the vehicle you want to rent is a good idea. The vehicle might meet all your requirements, but if you are not satisfied with the safety record of the driver that will operate it, a change of driver may be necessary.

By carefully thinking through these factors, it is most likely that you will charter the right bus and driver for your school trip.