If you are a keen photographer, there is no greater challenge than taking to the air to capture some shots of your favourite landmarks, landscapes and other areas of interest. If you are planning an aerial photography trip, you may not have considered using a company which specialises in this area. Choosing a company which specialises in this area means you can take advantage of a number of benefits not offered by a traditional aerial tour company. Below is a guide to these benefits.

Specially configured aircraft

A traditional aerial tour company is designed to give as many tourists as possible the chance to view an area from above. This means that you may be sharing your trip with a group of other people. There will be no guarantee that you will get a window seat with the best view and even if you do, you will have limited space in which to manoeuvre your camera equipment. However, if you book a flight with an aerial tour which specialises in photography, you will be able to enjoy a flight on a aircraft which has been configured to allow you to get the best shots. This means that seats will have been removed, so you have more space to move around in. You will also be able to strap yourself in using a harness so that the doors can be opened. Not having to take photographs through the perspex glass of the cockpit or cabin will greatly enhance your results.

Bespoke flight plan

Most tourist aerial tours operate a fixed flight plan which normally lasts an hour or so. The flight plan will take in predetermined sights before returning to base. While these tours can be highly enjoyable, they can pose a problem if you wish to take an aerial photograph of something which isn't listed on the flight itinerary. When you book a flight with a professional aerial photography company, the pilot will be able to work with you in order to develop a bespoke flight plan which takes in every area you wish to capture on film. The pilot will also be able to extend the duration of your trip so that you have the time in the air to try out different photographic techniques. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of booking a flight with a company which specialises in photographic aerial tours, you should contact one today.