With so much attention lavished on the bride, it can often feel like the groom gets the short end of the stick when it comes to getting married, and holding a racous buck's night party can be a great way to blow off steam and enjoy your last taste of bachelorhood before the big day arrives. Naturally, your party will require some form of transportation to ferry you and your group of friends from place to place, and a limousine is the traditional choice.

However, more and more grooms-to-be and best men are choosing party buses for their big night out, and for good reason. These salubrious and spacious vehicles offer a number of advantages over conventional stretch limos:

More capacity

Party buses are ideal for the groom with a larger wedding party, as they can hold many more occupants comfortably than even the longest and largest of conventional limousines. Larger party buses are capable of transporting 50 or more revellers from place to place, ensuring you don't have to pick and choose from your circle of friends.

More comfortable

Your average limousine might be outfitted with plush leather seating and ice-cold air conditioning, but it doesn't exactly give you space to move around and stretch your legs. This can become surprisingly uncomfortable on longer journeys, so a party bus is better suited to buck's nights held a long distance from your home, or to parties where you plan to travel from place to place frequently as the night goes on.

Better for disabled bucks

Limousines can also be constraining if you or any of your group are disabled or have limited mobility, and they are particularly unfriendly to wheelchair users, who often have to be carried in and out of limousines—hardly the most dignified way to make an entrance on your big night. Party buses are much more suitable for disabled revellers, and they are large enough to allow wheelchair users to move around freely. Many are also equipped with access lifts, making getting in and out of the bus unassisted a much easier prospect.

The party never stops

With space to dance, pulse-pounding sound systems, light shows and even the occasional dancing pole, a party bus is just as fun to party in as the bars, clubs and events it will carry you to during your buck's night. Many buck's parties skip the second part altogether—a long road trip on a party bus can be an incredibly fun experience that allows you to combine your big night with a full-blown vacation to parts unknown.

Economy of scale

Most party buses cost more than limousines to hire, but since they can carry more passengers, they can be a much more economical option if some or all members of your party intend to contribute to the cost of your buck's party.

Contact a company that offers buck's party bus hire services to learn more.