Heavy haulage is part of the foundation of Australian industry. Without heavy haulage, many massive, remote constructions would not have been possible and mining, logging, testing and manufacturing would be practically impossible. However, before you hire the first heavy haulage contractor you come across there are some things you should consider that are vital to the success of this business relationship. Here are a few of the most pressing requirements your heavy haulage partner should meet.

Nationwide Capabilities 

Heavy haulage contractors should be able to pick up something in Sydney, drive it all the way through the middle of Australia, past 2 states, and drop it off at Perth, several thousand kilometres away. That is one of the longest trips in Australia and if your heavy haulage contractor can't handle that distance then it speaks volumes about their capabilities. Do they have the proper licenses in all states? Are they registered as a business correctly? Do they even have the right equipment? If your contractor can't make that trip then those are all valid questions that could arise. In short: look for a company that can work all across the country with no problems.

Proper Permits

Organising heavy haulage is no easy feat, which is why most companies subcontract this task out to a third party. You should want to know if they have all the proper safety permits for the vehicles, if they have traffic escorts for large loads and how well those trucks can hold up on the journey they are expected to take. Sometimes your trips will take you off paved roads and inexperienced drivers could easily lose their bearings and control of the vehicles. Before you sign any contracts, part of your due diligence is investigating who you are going to be doing business with, and checking for permits and licenses is a key aspect of that.

History Of Excellence

Even after you have done all the proper investigations and met with them face-to-face, it is still hard to know which heavy haulage contractor you should go with. The only real knowledge you can have of a company is their track record. You can find this out by looking at who their current partners are, reading reviews online and even talking to people in your industry and seeing if they have had any dealings with a particular company. Often it is easy to root out the less qualified heavy haulage operators through this process. It should be noted that almost all heavy haulage companies are run very professionally and provide excellent quality, and as long as you spend a little bit of time doing your research you will no doubt find a great option.

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