Owning a motorhome could be one of the items on your bucket list this year. However, given the pricey nature of motorhomes, you might have to make significant sacrifices to own one. This does not have to be the case if you rent a motorhome. Motorhome rentals allow you to enjoy the comfort of using a motorhome for a small fee. Below is a motorhome rental guide. 

There are different categories of motorhomes in the market today. Therefore, you could end up confused if you do not have a criterion in mind as you hire the motorhome. These pointers should help you decide on a suitable motorhome:

  • How many people will sleep in the motorhome? Class A motorhomes will accommodate more passengers compared to class B and C.
  • Do you need a compact motorhome or a trailer to tow with your van? Towing allows you to transport a larger load or carry more passengers.
  • What extra features do you need in the motorhome? It could be an awning, adequate storage space or high-ground clearance.
  • What is the fuel consumption of the motorhome? It comes as a concern when planning a long trip. 

Once you settle on a specific motorhome, inquire about its availability. The general principle is to inspect the motorhome before paying your booking fee. Typically, you should opt for newer models to enjoy the luxuries of modern motorhome technologies. Moreover, assess the mechanical condition of the motorhome to ensure it does not have any defects that could cause accidents or cut your trip short. Finally, take note of any dents or imperfections on the body to avoid conflict at the end of the rental period. 

What are the company's rental conditions? It is a vital yet overlooked consideration when renting motorhomes. Start by checking customer obligations. For instance, are you required to pay insurance or service the motorhome while it is under your care? Most companies will also prohibit irresponsible or illegal behaviour when using the motorhome. For example, they could restrict clients from carrying or consuming drugs in the motorhome. You should also ask the company to break down its price structure to ensure an easy time negotiating the quote. For instance, you could ask the company to do away with charges such as emptying the greywater tank if you can conduct the exercise. Remember to take advantage of discount programs and complimentary services the rental company offers.